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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Y is for YOU Made It!

On day left in the A to Z challenge and this year, I've made it! This being my second year, I knew what I was up against. I had a better plan, a list of ideas and several set in stone topics to write about. This planning, made it so much easier.

What this challenge has really done is made me sit and write, every day for a month. No excuses. This has established a new pattern for me. One that makes me think of writing every day. After I write my A to Z post, I've been working on an outline for a new book.

I only spend 20 minutes researching the different themes that I want to include, it keeps me writing.

This is an exciting time. This idea that has been with me, festering for a few years, now feels fresh and new. I can't wait to work on it more.

So tomorrow is Z and I look forward to to it, knowing that I and many others have made it through this challenge. 

I finish with more than I started. Thank you!

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