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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dog!

I love dogs. I’ve had dogs all my life. As a 20-somthing I had a Rottweiler, named Katie. She's been gone fourteen years now. I continued to have Rotties well into my 40’s. Daisy was an AKC Champion. What a beauty! And Lucy, she was just special.

Five yeas ago, when both my girls past away within six months of each other I was devastated. I went more than a year without a dog. I was so heartbroken. Then one day at the gas station, a friend pulled in behind me at the pumps, in the car, her pug mama and three puppies.

It was love at first first sight. Thor is four now. He is an amazing creature. He is always happy and makes me laugh.

Here’s to you, Thor!


  1. hi Joyce,

    just hopping from A to Z challenge.
    It seems that your dog is camera aware...:P

  2. Aww Thor looks cute :) I came across your blog via the A-Z Challenge. I now follow you and would love for you to check out my blog over at http://yadinbromberg.blogspot.com

    Thanks and good luck with the A-Z Challenge!

  3. What a neat story, Joyce...glad you found a friend. I blogged about dogs as well! Enjoy the challenge...

  4. Thor is one cute little rascal. I had an English bulldog as a kid. Pugs are easier to handle and much cuter.

    I hope you find extended years of love and companionship with Thor. He was the right medicine for you at the right time.

  5. Hi Thor!!
    What a cutie! I love dogs as well.
    You were the first to comment on my blog in the Challenge, and I am just now getting to passing through to see yours! You're keeping up well!!! :-)

    Will be back!

  6. Hi, Joyce, I like dogs too, but don't have the space for one. I know they make good companions.

  7. Joyce, isn't it amazing that the Universe knows exactly where there is a hole/whole in our lives, and isn't it miraculous that one huge hole can be filled with such a small replacement?