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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finding Space

I want my own space to write. Separate from my house, yet only steps away. It needs to have several large windows, electricity, wifi, and a wood stove. So I wasted an afternoon searching for structures. Here are some I really like.

I would paint the door a a different color!

Eventually,  I can camouflage this one so no one can find me!

I love the shape of this one and it has a metal roof to help with snow removal!

 I can really picture this one on the hill behind the house. I'll have to keep saving. One day I'll have a room of my own.

Tell me where would your room be and what would it look like?


  1. OH! I love your selection of little writing spaces!!!!
    You know what? I actually have a writing space, in our guest house or "bunkie" as we call it... but nine out of 10 times you'll find me in the bedroom sitting on the bed with our laptop, or blogging at the kitchen table.

    1. I share the family room with teen kids. Not very conducive to writing at times. :)

  2. Hello, Fellow Challenger. I'm #408 from Rockin' Chair Reflections. Come visit when you can. Oh, goodness, I could move into any one of these! At least, I do have a separate craft shop that lets me play to my heart's content. Great post and pictures.

    1. I stopped over. Very Nice blog! COme back any time.

  3. Aren't those glorious? You might be interested in these too:

    Famous Writers' Small Writing Sheds and Off-the-Grid Huts

    You can buy tiny house building kits now. It is so tempting, isn't it? All I need is a back garden...

    A-Z @ Elizabeth Twist

  4. Great buildings. Love these!

  5. I love the last one, so cozy and cute! I'd love to have a little space that no one else can go into... one can only dream, right?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    From Diary of a Writer in Progress

  6. I like the last one best, too. My room will be my daughter's room when she's grown and gone. I've got a ways to wait as she is currently only five.