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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Critique Group In Portsmouth, NH


I can't wait for tonight. It will be the second time my new NESCBWI critique group meets. So far, there are just three of us, but as the word gets out, I'm sure we will grow. If you are interested, drop me a line. We plan on keeping it to six members.

Have you been looking for a critique group? Are you close to Portsmouth, NH? we have several openings. But if you are far and want to get one going, you can contact Stacy Barnett Mozer, NESCBWI Critique group coordinator to find a group or let her know you are starting one!

Write On!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

PiBoIdMo 2014

I've been working on a YA for a long time now and need a break.  PiBoIdMo 2014is it!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Where is E?

My son, a junior in high school, is in Spain this spring. He's been my muse for my latest WIP and I am struggling to write while he is gone. Now and then I get an email from him and I rely on these to get my writing on. But is has been a number of days since hour last exchange:

Son to me: "Mom, if all of you were to move here, it would be amazing. Not going to happen, but amazing none the less. I could easily live here for the rest of my life." 

Uh, no!  

Me: I'm assuming that you ARE NOT homesick.

Son: Not really, but I do miss you guys a lot. School is good. I'm behind on one thing, but other than that, it's going good. At the Museo Reina Sofia, the national modern art museum, I bought a mug with the stats, title, and name of the artist, Salvador DalĂ­'s, The Great Masturbator painting. 

Me: . . .

Son: Mom?

Me:  Dad bought your sister a MT bike. It's a TREK and its bright blue!

Son: Cool! We got some bikes to ride, so I am good there. Mario, the guy who owns our gym, set up a workout session designed just for cycling, and I have run a few times.

Me: SUPER! I saw pics of you guys riding. When are you supposed to write your blog post? How are you getting on? Are you having fun?

Son: Whoa, the questions! JK. I dunno when I'm supposed to write it, but I dread the day. (I really don't wanna do it. I dunno why.)

Me: Sweet! Then you are doing fine! Love you much! lots of hugs from all of us. 

Son: Right back atcha 

I hope I hear from soon. Because I'm not sure I can actually pretend to be able to write like 17 year old boy without him.