Sharon is 15, Jewish and pregnant in 1961. Just because the rules aren’t being reinforced during the summer didn’t mean you could break tradition. Sent away to deliver her baby in secret, her family hopes to avoid disgrace. But Sharon goes willingly, even though she vows to find a way to make it all work so she can keep her baby and marry Irish. Sharon waits out her pregnancy watching as one-by-one, the other girls give birth, give up, and return to their real lives. Will Sharon end up doing the hardest thing she will ever have to do, say goodbye to her baby girl?


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It is 350 A.D. Ireland and twelve-year-old Robyn must decide her future at the coming of age ceremony, but choosing the right path is a challenge. Most girls in Robyn’s village will choose traditional roles of healing, midwifery or farming. Others will choose to be warriors or go into Brehon law. None of these choices appeal to Robyn. Instead, she yearns for the red-hot crucibles full of molten bronze and the roaring fire of her father’s foundry. But her future brother-in-law, Gilhey, her most ardent challenger at the foundry, has other plans. Will Robyn find the courage to stand up to Gilhey and become the bronze caster she longs to be?

Cover 2013

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