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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Outer vs Inner Journey

What’s the difference?

The Outer journey is all about what your character wants, it’s their ultimate goal. The goal is always tangible. Moving through the outer journey means they have to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from attaining the tangible. More often than not, this journey involves dealing with treachery, duplicity, physical dangers which are all about keeping your character from easily achieving their goal.

The Inner Journey is the emotional path your character needs to navigate so they can grow and change. In the end, your character may or may not get what they want.

Your character’s journey is comprised of these two aspects. For your story to be successful, your character must travel both simultaneously. This creates the tension which moves your story forward.

Which do you think has more power, the inner or the outer journey?


  1. I think the inner journey has the most power. Because that's what makes the outer journey interesting. without seeing how the outer journey is affecting our character - I think readers lose interest.

  2. I think the inner journey is what makes your reader enjoy the book. The external challenges are there of course, but watching the growth and change that takes place in our characters' lives makes books worth reading.

    Passing through on the A-Z Challenge. Love your wall paper!