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Saturday, November 2, 2013

What do Writing and Motherhood have in Common?

Writing is often about letting go and seeing where your characters will take you. Writing is a lot like motherhood. The time comes when you have to let go and see your children take flight. Maybe you have already experienced this or maybe you are fast approaching the moment when the world changes. 

Today was my day to let my firstborn drive solo for the very first time. I knew he could do it because I taught him how to drive. I know he is cautious and competent, what I can’t control are the other drivers on the road who might not be.

Letting go means he has to take chances and I have to believe he will always be safe and come home because that is what a mother must do. It is what a writer must do. Often you have to go to the scary places in your mind to be able to know your characters. I know my son, its time for him to soar. He will make the right choices and go to all the places he needs to go on his journey. 

It’s time for me to let him go.  

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  1. Oh wow, lovely thoughts. It's probably too early for me to be thinking about this, but the thought is getting me emotional. There's something about letting your child be. I wonder if it'll be any closer to the feeling when I first let my twins roam free at the playground without me hovering. Oh boy...