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Sunday, February 20, 2011

NESCBWI AQQ Sneak Peek Interview with Agent Jennifer Laughran

In case you didn't sign up for an Agent Quick Query, here's another opportunity to learn more about the agents attending this year's NESCBWI Celebrating Milestones Conference. Jennifer Laughran is an agent with the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. When she's not at writers conferences, she splits her time between San Francisco, NYC and the Hudson River Valley of NY.
This is Jennifer's third year participating in the NESCBWI’s Agent Quick Query Event. I am so happy to have her back with us again.

Jennifer Laughran

1. What makes for a healthy working relationship between you and your authors?
Open communication! I really can't say that enough.

2. What are you always looking for but never receive in a submission?
I am always looking for totally compelling, unputdownable, but beautifully written books, that make me laugh AND cry at the same time. Sometimes I get them - but I am always looking for more! :-)

3. What is your agent style?

I guess I am... Semi- editorial? I give notes to my authors to help them make their work extra-salable... But if it needed a ton of work, i probably wouldn't have taken it on to begin with.

4. What do you see as upcoming trends in the industry? What themes do see as having endurance?

I am not interested in trends. That said, and unsurprisingly I think, the things that are selling the most are the books that lie on the intersection of "beautifully written" and "high concept" -- I'd say the ease of selling is directly proportional to the difficulty the reader has setting the book down. Greater unputdownablity = faster sale. Makes sense, right?

5. What would you like to see more of and why?

I would like to see more of things that are upbeat. Also tearjerkers. Also super-romantic stories. Also thrilling. Also truly, genuinely scary. I am not so interested in grim, gloomy or quiet.

6. What conferences will you attend this year?
Not sure about Fall yet, but so far on the spring/summer agenda after NESCBWI:

* June 11, 2011: SCBWI Eastern NY conference, Poughkeepsie NY
* July 13, 2011: LeakyCon Lit Day, Orlando FL

7. Is there anything you would like to add?
Writers can check out my blog: http://literaticat.blogspot.com
or follow me on twitter: @literaticat


  1. Thanks Joyce and Jen for the sneak peak! Only about two and a half months to go!

  2. I am actually not sure about the Austin thing, it isn't confirmed so... maybe put "pending"? or erase it? Sorry!

    xo Jenn

  3. I am NOT going to the austin thing - my colleague Mary Kole is going. But I'll be there in 2012! :)