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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What to Say?

I always feel as though I don't have anything important to say about writing when it comes time to blog. Today I realized that this isn't true. I say so much to so many people, everyday!

I teach!

And everyday I am asking questions, giving suggestions and talking my high school kids through writing. But I never have a moment to stop and digest what I say, I just know that when they listen and actually try some of the things I suggest, they reap the rewards of better writing.

Just what did I say to my student about writing from the place where they are most passionate?

Just now one of my students peeks into my office.

"What are you writing?" she asks.


"Not you."

"Yes, me! I'm trying to blog about writing but I don't have anything to say"

"You always have something to say."

I smirk, think she's being cheeky.

"No, you really do."

"Like what? What do I tell you?"

She sighs and comes into my office.

You ask me stuff?"

"Like what? I can't remember."

"Like, how does it make me feel? Why is it uncomfortable? Does it make me angry?"

I think about this a moment.

"Thanks!" I smile. Wish she would go so I can get back to writing this blog post. But she stays a moment longer.

"My favorite question you ask me," she says, "is what's the worst thing that can happen?"

I look up from my laptop, she's grinning, we both both laugh.

"You can always revise!"


  1. Kids say the darndest things... don't you hate it when they're right?