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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hidden Talent NESCBWI

There is so much hidden talent and so many dedicated people who work behind the scenes to support the NESCBWI Spring Conference every year. The planning for each conference starts long before the preceding conference usually kicks off (2013 is already in process). So over the next several weeks, I want to introduce them to the dedicated volunteers who make the magic happen.

Kathryn Hulick is a workhorse. While I was wrapping presents and drinking eggnog, Kathryn was working on the upcoming NESCBWI 2012 Spring Conference. While I was baking cookies, Kathryn was sending out faculty contracts. While I was decorating the tree, Kathryn was collecting faculty bios. While I was lighting the menorah and eating latkes, Kathryn was answering conference question emails. Kathryn is amazing and I am just having such a wonderful time working with her.

Shirley Pearson is also a amazing. Her dedication as the conference registrar is very behind the scenes. You don't see her until you arrive at the conference and walk up to the registration table, but she spends months working on the Regonline registration process and event website beforehand. So while I was doing all the holiday things, I mention above, Shirley was doing her NESCBWI Conference magic.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank them both for their dedication to NESCBWI. I've learned so much working with you both. Thanks and much gratitude!

Is there some someone that supports the NESCBWI Conference you think should be recognized for their dedication and work? Let me know. I'd like to thank them.


  1. I'm glad you wrote a blog post about them. They're great!

  2. I can't imagine how much work goes into the behind the scenes stuff for this conference! What a superb job the volunteers do!

    Thanks so much for the introduction, Joyce! I'm really looking forward to the amazing conference!!