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Friday, September 10, 2010

Jumping Back In

Six weeks or so since the last blog entry! Summer must have been a success. Actually, yes it was. The entire family was busy having fun in the sun! And sun there was plenty of this year.

Week two of back to school is ending. The leaves are turning. Thor has started doggy day care twice a week and he is loving it. My husband has a new motorcycle, and me, I am revising and getting ready for my school year to start. Some of the kids are already on campus for sports camp training. I have a new office and have been organizing and decorating. This year my office has a window.

Next weekend is my 9th Writer’s Schmooze hosted by Tamra Wight at her Poland Springs Campground. This year I am tenting it. No cozy trailer for me, I have decided to be brave.  I hope my tent site has electricity so when I wake up from that unknown noise (a raccoon most likely) I can surf the web until I fall to asleep again.

Maybe, just maybe, I should bring Thor!
This is Thor

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