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Sunday, March 23, 2014


http://iaretheshawna.blogspot.com/p/movie-news.htmlI went to see Divergent last night with my my husband and two teens, ages 16 and 14, along with a friend of theirs, age 16. Only my son and I had read the book.

We arrived at the 9:30 showing excited to see how they adapted the book to the big screen. The talk in the car was about how would they shoot the entrance scenes into Dauntless, would the zip line scene be totally awesome, and how would they get into Tris into Fours head and share his fear landscape.

The cinema's lobby was strangely quiet for a Saturday night and the theater was almost empty when we entered, which meant awesome seat choice. We sat in the row behind five teens, one of which was so excited she chattered endlessly to the boy next to her. First about the movie and then how much she loved, JUST LOVED, John green and couldn't wait for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS movie. She talked so exuberantly about his books, she was his biggest fan... Only she appreciated each word he wrote...

I wanted to be John Green at that moment!
John Green

Overall, the movie was...okay. They did a wonderful job of setting the place and time. The panoramic views of the desolation from the war, the farm fields of Amity, and Kate Winslet whose performance I liked best. But something was missing... the movie was dull. 140 minutes of plugging away with sporadic bursts of action.

My teens sat two rows behind my husband and I, and every time the movie diverged away from the book, I could hear my son comment about it. Just like the girl in front of me did to the boy next to her. She was very disappointed and let everyone know. I wanted her to talk about John Green some more. Her thoughts and comments were more entertaining, just as my son's comment were, from two rows behind me.

If I have to rate this movie, I'd give this movie a 4!

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