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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Celebrate Summer 2013

So much has happened since my last post at the beginning of May. It was just a day before the 2013 NESCBWI conference that I directed and I was so entrenched in the final details. The conference went so smoothly and then suddenly, I was just done. No more planning, or checking and rechecking details. Just quiet exhaustion!

Logan Airport, June 2013
I had planned a vacation with my daughter to London and Paris just because I wanted time with her and because I knew I would need a distraction from the quiet of no longer planning out the conference. I packed for that and off we went.The Flight out of Logan was delayed due to severe thunderstorms but this amazing rainbow heralded the days ahead and we had a flawless flight to Heathrow. We spent several days with in-laws and then stayed in Central London and saw one of our former Cultural Care Au Pairs. It had been 6 years and she was amazed at how "her" Kendra had grown up!

We had a lovely surprise when arriving at the Globe Theater for a tour, we were able to see a full dress rehearsal for the upcoming performance of MACBETH. It was a true gift and I enjoyed it very much.
Paris France, June 2013

We headed over to St. Pancras Train Station and
waited for our train to Paris. I was nervous since I speak no French, but I should have known...I never have a problem communicating!It was so nice to visit family and friends in London and to make a few new ones in Paris. The 10 day trip flew by and I was home again only to to be so very lucky to be able to spend some time spend some time at Lake Champlain with Murray and his lovely companion, Nancy.

Another quick turnaround and I was on my way to Gettysburg, PA for the 4th of July. While sitting in the car, I was finally able to start reading my copy of Chris Eboch's ADVANCED PLOTTING. Get a copy, it is excellent!

Versailles, France June 2013
PA was great. Visited a dear and now (old) friend and her family and introduced them to some new friends from New Hampshire who came with us! Now I am helping my daughter to pack for camp and then I will start plotting the next grand adventure!

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  1. Wow, Joyce! Your trip sounds fantastic. I bet you had a blast - and you deserved it after all your hard work! Good luck on the next great adventure!