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Monday, February 6, 2012

Wanted For Blazing to #1 Bestseller

A MG historical novel about 12 year-old Robyn who yearns for red-hot crucibles full of molten bronze and the roaring fires of her father's foundry. Robyn’s life changes forever the day she accidentally sets fire to the foundry,  burning it to the ground and causes her father to go up in a blaze.


  1. Joyce--LOVE the poster. Awesome!

    I redid the link in the blog hop, since I couldn't reach your WANTED poster through the first one. I think you're all set now.

    Thanks for joining the contest! I think it's fun (and a fun way to get some different kind of marketing in for our books and our favs!)

  2. Hi, Joyce! Great to meet you on the Blogging Challenge. Best wishes on your book!