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Thursday, December 1, 2011

22 Days Until 50!

That's right, I turn 50 in 22 days! Kind of shocking when I think about it. So many thoughts are racing around in the old gray matter but I won't go there now. 

What I really want for my birthday, is for my friends and and family to pledge $15 and support my kickstarter Book Project, The Casting. Not matter what happens, this book is debuting on April 1, 2012.

Spending $15 gets you a dedicated and signed softcover copy ($25 gets you a hard cover copy), and some other awesome swag! Please make an old lady happy, and pledge $15 today!

Don't make me beg, it might get ugly.


Now go have a glass of wine and celebrate with me!


  1. 50, Joyce? You're still a mere child. Enjoy the half century when it arrives, it's the halfway point and think of the great time you have to come.

  2. Joyce - my sympathies that your bday is so close to Christmas but congratulations on the new decade. Don't worry 50 is great! Take care, Susan

  3. Susan,
    Thanks for the kind words about turning 50. I just hope this year my family springs for birthday wrapping paper. LOL!