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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sabotage – We All Do It!

For the last Four weeks I have been trying to complete a final revision on my YA. I'm almost there. But if I finish it, I'll then have to submit. I think the prospect of subbing my manuscript is what is holding me back.

Sabotage. We all do it. But why?

7 Ways to Change from Saboteur to Successful!
  1. Plan your writing time.
    Pick a time and stick to it. 
  2. Give yourself a goal.
    500 words, 3 pages. Whatever you think can get done in the amount of time you actually have to write.
  3. Do not revise while writing.
    Just get the words down. You can revise later.
  4. Give yourself a timeline. You can always change this, but it helps to know what your deadlines are, even if no one else knows.
  5. Believe you are a writer.
    Own it! This isn't difficult.
  6. Understand that rejection is not about you.
    This is the most difficult, but take away the emotion behind rejection and you become strong.
  7. Seek support from your Writer friends.
    They understand.
Help me add to my list! What do you do to be successful?


  1. Your book is incredible. Get it out, Joyce! People will want to read this. :)

  2. Joyce--I love your list! It's awesome. I would change number 5. to Own it! This may be difficult, but you can do it!

    And I would add to listen to some kick ass music to psych yourself up. :)

    I use The Practice Room as a tool to stick to the time that I plan to write. That way other writers are holding me accountable--kind of like running with a friend.

    It's my friend Tina's blog, but a bunch of writers run the practice room sessions. So much fun! Everyone is welcome--it's a great tool. http://tinalaurellee2.blogspot.com/

    And the chat roll after the writing session is like a party! Fun!

  3. Make writer friends who understand and who can kick your butt when you get down. :) Go for it, Joyce!